'Scandal's' 'Nasty woman' speech a hit

Bellamy Young and Kerry Washington star in "Scandal."

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  • Washington as Pope talked about a "nasty woman"
  • Fans tweeted their approval

(CNN)Olivia Pope knows a thing or two about being a "nasty woman."

Thursday night's episode of the hit ABC drama "Scandal" included the character of Pope giving a speech about women in power.
This season has found a woman as President-Elect of the United States. But former first lady turned commander-in-chief Mellie Grant (played by actress Bellamy Young) needed a pep talk this week.
    Enter Pope (played by Kerry Washington), who is known for being the ultimate fixer.
    "They almost handed this job to a man who had been in prison," Pope said to grant. "Why? Because a woman in power is a nasty woman."
    The line was a nod to former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton who was called a "nasty woman" by her then Republican rival Donald Trump during a presidential debate.
    Washington said she enjoyed delivering the line and gave kudos to her show's writers.
    "All hail the @ScandalWriters," the actress tweeted Thursday night. "But I did love saying it."
    The dialogue went over well with fans who tweeted away about it.
    "Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes was a big Clinton supporter during the last election, and even helmed the 12 minute film used to introduce Clinton before her speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
    Rhimes also joined some stars of her various shows in a video that stumped for Clinton.