Team Obama reacts to Obamacare repeal vote

Former vice president Joe Biden was not happy with the House passing the GOP health care bill.

Story highlights

  • House Republicans claimed victory after successfully garnering 217 "yes" votes to repeal and replace Obamacare
  • A handful of Democrats took to social media to throw shade at the Republican party after the vote

Washington (CNN)Unsurprisingly, Team Obama is not happy about the potential end to Obamacare.

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday evening added to the social chatter over the GOP's health care bill passing the House. The outspoken Obamacare advocates called the bill's passage shameful.
"A shameful failure of policy & morality by GOP today," Clinton wrote. "Fight back on behalf of the millions of families that will be hurt by their actions."
    The former secretary of state then shared a tweet from progressive organization Swing Left, which links to a donation page.
    Clinton is expected to launch a political organization aimed at funding "resistance" groups standing up to President Donald Trump, CNN reported Thursday.
    Biden was equally disappointed in the House.
    "Day of shame in Congress. Protections for pre-existing conditions, mental health, maternity care, addiction services -- all gone," Biden wrote in a two-part tweet. "Millions of Americans will lose coverage. Up to the Senate now. Hoping for courage to return."
    The GOP bill would eliminate taxes on the wealthy, insurers and others and get rid of the individual mandate imposed by Obamacare.
    Other Democrats also chimed in on social media -- some threw shade at Republicans, while others promised to continue fighting for Obamacare and their constituents.
    The bill now heads to the Senate.