Quickly catch up on the day's news: Wednesday, May 3

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed on CNN today:

-- FBI Director Comey defended his decision to alert Congress just days before the 2016 election about the probe into Hillary Clinton's emails, telling senators while the idea of possibly affecting the election made him "mildly nauseous," he would not change what he did.
-- Two key GOP lawmakers announced after meeting with President Trump that they will support the GOP health care bill, an important victory for the White House and Republican leaders.
    -- Trump met with the Palestinian president at the White House and vowed to work as a "mediator" to help broker peace between Israel and Palestinians.
    -- The House passed a bill that will affect overtime pay.
    -- It's been 10 years since Madeleine McCann disappeared. Here's where the search stands.
    -- Check out what's on Steve Bannon's White House office whiteboard.
    -- With summer comes ticks. And experts warn about an increase in a rare, potentially life-threatening virus transmitted by ticks.
    -- This article is literally about poop. (If you've never seen a panda poop, we've got you covered.)
    -- How should Apple spend its ginormous (iNormous?) mountain of cash.