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Trump calls out man's 'blacks for Trump' sign

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"The Congressional Black Caucus will always keep this President and any president accountable," Meeks said

The CBC has had an acrimonious relationship with Trump since the 2016 presidential campaign

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Congressional Black Caucus members pledged to continue fighting the Trump Administration during a Twitter town hall Tuesday, where lawmakers highlighted what they consider President Donald Trump’s failures during the first 100 days of his administration.

“The Congressional Black Caucus will always keep this President and any president accountable for what he or she does – especially this one,” said Rep. Gregory Meeks. “And what the CBC has done is given this president a 130-page document of the issues that are important to us.”

“If he’s ready to deal with them, then we will talk to him about the issues that are important to our community both urban and rural,” the New York Democrat said in a video. “If he’s just there to have fun or play golf, then we’re not going to deal with him at all.”

About a dozen lawmakers posted videos on the caucus’ Twitter account, to share their concerns and answer constituents’ questions about the President’s policies and actions during his first months in office. Other members of the group tweeted from their own accounts ways they believe Trump has failed black voters.

The CBC has only one Republican member, Rep. Mia Love of Utah, and the group’s political action committee endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

The group has had an acrimonious relationship with Trump since the 2016 presidential campaign. The lawmakers held a press conference last September criticizing the then-candidate’s false “birther” claims questioning former President Barack Obama’s birthplace. And the group met with the President in March to express ways his administration could better advocate for black Americans.

Caucus Chair Rep. Cedric Richmond said Tuesday he hopes lawmakers highlighting Trump’s shortcomings so far encourages Americans to remain aware of this administration’s impact on communities of color.

“President Trump says he wants to ‘make America great again,’ but in our view the programs and policies he’s implementing will do the opposite,” the Louisiana Democrat told CNN in a statement. “We hope this list will help those who are engaged and those who aren’t stay woke, because our democracy is at stake.”

Black lawmakers were critical of Trump’s ongoing efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s landmark legislation. But Rep. Yvette Clarke said CBC members will actually work to expand the legislation.

“It’s pretty clear from the start that Donald Trump has been trying to find a way to undermine the ACA,” the New York Democrat said. “Democrats stand firm on our commitment to strengthening this bill.”

“We want to make sure that every American has access to affordable, quality health care – and we’re doing everything in our power to make it so, but we need to continue to fight because Republicans have not relented in their wanting to repeal this law,” she said.

And the Trump administration’s decision to immediately eliminate an Obama administration initiative that facilitates educational opportunities for adolescent girls in developing countries is “un-American,” said Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman.

“Education is the great equalizer. Education a female ensures that that family’s life experience is higher and better,” the New Jersey Democrat said in a video. “The notion that we would eliminate any opportunity to learn and support learning either in this country or across the world is so un-American.”

“This White House is so out-of-touch with what it should be doing that we look forward to fighting that fight and insuring that education is a priority,” she said.

As frustrated as Sen. Cory Booker said he’s been with the Trump administration, he said he’s been “inspired” by those criticizing the President’s policies and actions and encouraged them to continue.

“I’ve been angry. I’ve been outraged. I’ve been frustrated. I’ve been discouraged and disappointed,” the New Jersey Democrat said. “But if anything I’ve been inspired. I’ve been inspired by those people who despite all the challenges, haven’t curled up, shut up or given up.”

“They’ve been standing up, speaking up and having continued to work. So let’s inspire each other on how we respond.”