White House sends mixed signals on border wall funding

Updated 1:42 PM EDT, Tue April 25, 2017
02:45 - Source: CNN
Shutdown deadline nears, border wall looms

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Congress returns this week

Lawmakers will have to cope with how to fund the government

CNN —  

To fund a wall, or not to fund a wall? That is the question President Donald Trump and White House officials can’t seem to answer clearly.

After Trump told a group of conservative reporters Monday evening that he wasn’t fixated on getting funding for his border wall in the current budget negotiations, White House officials insisted Tuesday that Trump was not backing down on securing funding for the border wall in the FY 2017 budget that must get through Congress on Friday to avoid a government shutdown.

“It’s not off the table,” White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters said. “We’re not pushing anything to FY ‘18.”

That came after a White House official on Monday night told CNN that Trump wouldn’t insist on funding for the border wall in order to keep the government running past Friday. Broader funding for “border security” could satisfy the President’s demands, the official said, with the expectation that wall funding would come in future spending bill negotiations.

“Politics is the art of compromise,” the official said.

The marching orders changed by Tuesday morning, with multiple White House officials scrambling to tell r