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Kenny G's midair show
00:45 - Source: CNN
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Scene: You are on a plane from Tampa to Los Angeles. You have successfully tamped down your air travel-induced anxiety with a Diet Coke and a two-pack of Biscoffs. Things are okay.

Then, a wild Kenny G. appears. He has his saxophone! Passengers have chipped in to meet his requirements for a little concert. He obliges!

Kenny G. is playing the saxophone on your flight!

What are the odds?

Some passengers on a Saturday Delta flight had time to contemplate this reality as Kenny G. roamed the cabin with his saxophone, blowing some tunes in the name of charity.

According to WFTS, Mr. G. offered to bless his fellow passengers with his famous mouth music if they contributed $1,000 to a Delta-facilitated fundraiser for Relay For Life. They doubled the amount.

Plenty of people spat jokes online about how they’d rather get dragged off the plane, United-style, than listen to Kenny G. False! Air travel regularly threatens you with squalling babies, overly talkative seatmates and actual physical violence, and you’re complaining about smooth woodwinds? If you are ever so fortunate to share the air with Kenny G., you will listen to him play and you will LIKE IT.

(Especially if it’s for a good cause.)