In story of Jane Jacobs, filmmaker finds rousing tale of resistance

'Citizen Jane: Battle for the City'

(CNN)Matt Tyrnauer always knew that a documentary about an urban planning pioneer would be a difficult sell. But two days after the presidential election in November, he was worried the "collective funk" that seemed to be afflicting despondent Manhattanites would prevent people from showing up to his film premiere at DOC NYC.

Tyrnauer soon realized his fears were unfounded.
Not only was the screening for "Citizen Jane: Battle for the City" a packed event, the film inspired at least some moviegoers to join a battle of their own.
"After the screening, people came up to me and said, 'I've been in a dark place all week. This movie actually showed me something I could do to start contemplating having an effect to push back and fight back,'' Tyrnauer recalled in a recent interview with CNN.