Patriots' visit to the White House is a GIFt to the internet

(CNN)New England Patriots, you just won the Super Bowl. What are you going to do next? You're going to the White House (two months from now and after you visit Disney)!

Yes, indeed, the NFL team celebrated its February win over the Atlanta Falcons with President Donald Trump at the White House on Wednesday. It is a tradition for champions of major sports to visit the commander in chief.
While several high-profile members of the team, including quarterback Tom Brady, were not in attendance, the day was still worth watching.
First, tight end Rob Gronkowski offered to help press secretary Sean Spicer with his daily briefing. Spicer declined the offer.
    Later, Trump welcomed the entire team on the South Lawn. As is typical, the first row of athletes were standing at ground level behind the presentation platform, making the speakers look like giants.
    If it was not already clear that the President is very tall, look at how the framing of this shot makes him look like his looming over Patriots owner Robert Kraft.
    The President turned to his signature move -- the enthusiastic point -- during his remarks. He pointed at Julian Edelman ...
    ... and Malcom Mitchell ...
    ... and Coach Bill Belichick.
    Speaking of Belichick, he wrote Trump a letter during the 2016 election. The President regaled attendees with a story about that letter, which Trump said was full of praise for his success.
    Who writes letters anymore? That's so sweet! Well, Belichick and Kraft tried to top that by presenting Trump with the traditional gift of his very own number 45 Patriots jersey.
    The Patriots' visit to Washington was a home run ... or whatever the football equivalent of a home run is. A 99-yard kickoff return?