How to prepare in case ICE comes knocking

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents detain a man in 2015 in Los Angeles.

(CNN)Many immigrants in the US are fearful these days about being deported. Connecticut wants to help.

The state's government has put together a free tool kit that outlines what to do if ICE comes calling. The 16-page "Family Preparedness Plan" is available in both Spanish and English and includes tips on knowing your rights, along with numbers to call for legal assistance.
"We want to make sure that people have a plan in place should immigration action separate their families," said Governor Dannel Malloy, adding that an estimated 22,000 legal children of undocumented immigrants live in Connecticut alone.
The state's packet includes guidance for parents worried about their children should they be detained or deported. It also provides paperwork for parents to name a "standby guardian" for their kids.
    "I strongly encourage anyone with these kinds of concerns to utilize this toolkit, fill out the forms, and have a plan in place," Malloy said.