Scott Gottlieb: Conflicts surround Trump's FDA pick

Story highlights

  • Scott Gottlieb wants to change "FDA review culture" to fast-track drug approvals
  • Critics says his ties to big pharma go back decades and are too complex to avoid

(CNN)President Donald Trump's pick to lead the Food and Drug Administration, Scott Gottlieb, is a physician, a cancer survivor, a venture capitalist and a government insider who has long said he wants to tear down the wall of FDA regulations he believes is holding back innovation.

"In so heavily prioritizing one of its obligations -- the protection of consumers -- the FDA has sometimes subordinated and neglected its other key obligation, which is to guide new medical innovations to market," Gottlieb wrote in a 2012 issue of National Affairs. "Ultimately, the only way to change the threshold for approval of these sorts of drugs is to change the FDA review culture itself."
The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, a trade and lobby association, sent out congratulations almost immediately after his nomination was announced in early March.
    Trump selects Scott Gottlieb as FDA nominee