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Schiff on Nunes: 'Why all the subterfuge?'

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Devin Nunes chairs the House intelligence committee

He responded to criticism by ranking member Adam Schiff

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House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes dismissed claims from top Democrats that he is colluding with the White House, and said House investigators talked scheduling with former national security adviser Michael Flynn before his request for immunity.

“I don’t really listen to what anyone says,” Nunes said Monday when asked about Rep. Adam Schiff’s accusation over the weekend that Nunes and the White House had engaged in “subterfuge” in the rollout of news about incidental collection of top aides to President Donald Trump.

Nunes brushed aside Schiff’s accusations, saying it was just politics.

“This business is always hard and politics is always hard, but I’m used to that,” Nunes said.

Nunes also disputed that Flynn had requested immunity in order to testify, saying he did not read the statement from Flynn’s lawyer that way.

Nunes said that House investigators had been scheduling a time to bring in Flynn earlier, but said they have not spoken since then or since Flynn made his offer.

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“That’s not asking for immunity,” Nunes said, when read the statement from Flynn’s lawyer by a CNN reporter. “I mean that’s not a direct request for immunity from what I can see. Look, all that happened is there was an initial discussion about scheduling – that was it. I think people just jump on this based on things that get leaked or half-truths.”