Settle in with these weekend reads

(CNN)Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here are some pieces you may have missed amid a busy news week:

The naked truth

Paulette Leapheart was the perfect hero: a cancer survivor baring her double-mastectomy scars on a 1,000-mile walk to Washington. Until her own words got in the way. (By Jessica Ravitz)

    ISIS Behind the mask

    Fighting for ISIS to cashing welfare checks in Belgium: What life is like for a foreign fighter after he leaves Syria (By Clarissa Ward)

    Reading, writing, fighting fake news

    In this era of fake news, kids are learning to fight back. Their weapon? Cynicism. (By Madeline Holcombe and Brandon Griggs)

    The battle for western Mosul

    A photo essay from the front lines of the fight against ISIS. (By Emanuelle Satolli)

    Three ways Mexico could pay for the wall

    If these proposals floated in Washington end up passing, Mexicans actually could end up absorbing the cost. (By Catherine E. Shoichet, Sergio Hernandez and Tal Kopan)

    Tragedy of an arctic village

    Climate change is threatening to make this Arctic village unlivable. But can it be reborn in a new location? (By John Sutter)