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Ragettli first person to land a quad cork 1800 on skis

The Swiss was World Cup slopestyle champion in 2016

18-year-old was performing in Italy

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Unbelievable, jaw-dropping, astonishing. Watch it once, watch it twice, watch it again and again and Andri Ragettli’s incredible world-first feat is always majestic.

While performing at the Suzuki Nine Royals in Italy, the 18-year-old freestyle skier became the first person to complete a quad cork 1800 on skis.

“So stoked to land my first ever quad cork 1800!” said Ragettli on his Facebook page.

For the unversed, the stunning routine involves the Swiss teenager completing five rotations while flipping four times off-axis.

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Still confused? It is probably best to just watching the man in action, at the top of this page, and admire his acrobatic skill.