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Kasich challenged Trump in the GOOP primary and refused to support him in the general election

The Ohio governor has maintained a public profile since losing the presidential primary

Washington CNN  — 

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Sunday that despite keeping up a high profile since his failed 2016 presidential bid, he has no intention of running for office again.

Asked by CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” if was going to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020, Kasich repeatedly said, “No.”

“I’m not really interested in running for political office again,” Kasich said. “I don’t see it. I just don’t see it.”

Kasich was the last candidate to bow out of the Republican presidential race last year, leaving Trump the presumptive nominee, and refused to support him in the general election. He met with Trump at the White House recently to discuss health care and came out against the now-rescinded GOP plan to repeal and replace part of Obamacare.

The two-term Republican governor has continued to do national interviews, has maintained a political organization and has been working on a book – all moves suggesting interest in a future run. Kasich, however, emphatically denied this was the case.

“You don’t close the door on anything, but I don’t have my eyes on that,” Kasich said.

In February, close associates of the governor announced the creation of an independent political group called Two Paths America, which will champion his campaign themes, from political tolerance to fiscal discipline, and push for a balanced budget amendment, a strong national defense and political bridge building.

Kasich said all the political activity was so he could maintain his voice even after his time in office.

“When I’m not governor, I don’t intend to go away,” he said.

Kasich was re-elected by an overwhelming margin to his second term as governor in 2014, but he failed to gain enough traction to defeat Trump in any primaries except in his home state or force a contested vote at the Republican National Convention in July.

Trump has said he will run for a second term in 2020.