Artist Saimir Strati was inspired by the refugee crisis to create Mother Teresa's smiling portrait.
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If you think staples only hold papers together, think again.

The largest staple mosaic in the world – with more than 1.5 million staples – now has the Guinness World Records title.

The mosaic, a portrait of Mother Teresa, is housed in Kosovo’s National Museum in Pristina.

Saimir Strati

Albanian artist Saimir Strati said he was inspired by the refugee crisis when he created Mother Teresa’s smiling face for the portrait.

“I knew I wanted to do something with wire, after seeing the news about the influx of refugees daily,” Strati said in an interview with state-run media.

“I saw so many staples used for leaflets and papers at the G-20 summit. But those papers have yet to bring peace and a better life in this world,” he said.

Strati stapled together more than 1.5 million staples to make the portrait.

Strati’s project began in November, just a short time after Mother Teresa was canonized a saint.

This is not the first time Strati has put his convictions on the wall. His works of art include the largest cork mosaic, in Ponte de Sor, Portugal, as well as the largest drinking straw mosaic, which commemorates Earth Day with the caption “Save the Earth”.