Officials: Smugglers use tricycle, fox urine to move drugs across the country

Authorities recovered more than six pounds of heroin.

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  • The money and heroin was concealed in hydraulic compartments inside pieces of furniture
  • Officials say three men moved the contraband between Texas, New York and Massachusetts

(CNN)Authorities are detailing the great lengths suspected drug smugglers went to in order to conceal their operation after $4.1 million in cash and more than six pounds of heroin were seized by federal agents at a New York storage facility over the weekend.

Three men were arrested for their part in what officials are calling an interstate drug operation, where they allegedly moved money and drugs throughout the country by concealing the contraband in secret compartments hidden inside pieces of furniture.
The men were arrested after federal agents observed them allegedly moving several pieces of furniture in and out the Bronx storage facility on Saturday. The bust was the culmination of a long-term investigation into the operation, that was centered on the storage unit, registered to one of the men.
    Over $4.1 million in cash was seized from a storage unit in the Bronx and a U-Haul truck.
    Bridget G. Brennan, New York City's Special Narcotics Prosecutor, was proud of the efforts of all involved with the investigation and arrests.
    "The potential toll on human lives represented by this amount of drug money, carefully packaged and hidden in hydraulic compartments for interstate traffickers, cannot be measured," Brennan said in a statement. "This investigation demonstrates how lucrative and highly organized the lethal narcotics trade has become."
    According to Brennan's press release, the three men moved the heroin from Texas to sell in New York and Lawrence, MA, a city 30 miles north of Boston. Authorities believe the suspects would send the money back to Texas concealed inside the same furniture.
    Along with contraband-filled furniture inside the storage unit, authorities discovered similarly modified pieces of furniture inside a U-Haul truck as well as a Dodge Caravan outfitted with a secret compartment in the floor. Inside the minivan's glove box, officials also found a bottle of fox urine, that officials say, was used to mask the smell of narcotics.