Algarve Bike Challenge: Uphill climbing on Europe's 'sunny coast'

Story highlights

  • Portuguese race across three days
  • 4,700 meters of uphill climbing
  • Teams are grouped in pairs

(CNN)The Algarve Bike Challenge is no ordinary race.

Staged annually in Tavira, Portugal, teams are grouped in pairs with placings determined by the slower rider.
The grueling 165 km race includes 4,700 meters of uphill climbing.
    But that didn't stop 1,000 participants from nearly two dozen countries taking on rivers, cobblestones and rocky roads in the pursuit of victory.
    "For me it was a great event, especially because it was three days long," said women's winner Anne Tauber, describing the excitement of the night event on the first stage. "Amazing!"
    Watch the video above to find out more.