Melania watch

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(CNN)It's been nine days since our last public sighting of the first lady. Today is supposedly the day she heads to Mar-a-Lago, possibly with her son, Barron, to kick off spring break. Let's commemorate with this January 2015 beach shot from her official Twitter page.

Obama's like, peace:

A small island in French Polynesia for a month at a luxury eco-resort? Yes, please. This is what former President Barack Obama is apparently doing with his time, according to reports, which have him arriving on tiny Tetiaroa two days ago. There's only one resort there, The Brando (fun fact: Marlon Brando once owned the island), which boasts 35 private villas with plunge pools. Basically, it doesn't suck. And, with little way for paparazzi to get there, it's the perfect place for Obama to chill and perhaps get started on that memoir he's going to write. No sign of Michelle Obama yet. A spokesman told me now that the former President is a private citizen, his schedule is private and he won't be releasing comments on his whereabouts.

    Rand's pitch to vote no on Obamacare repeal:

    Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, brought copies of Trump's "The Art of the Deal" to a House Freedom Caucus meeting as a gift Wednesday to encourage members to vote no on the Obamacare replacement bill. Here's a photo from our Tom LoBianco. (Paul was in a tuxedo because he was off to the American Friends of Ireland dinner afterward with Vice President Mike Pence.)
    Paul also handed out a note with lessons from "The Art of the Deal" and how they apply to negotiating for a replacement that lawmakers are actually happy with, AP's Erica Werner tweeted.
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