Candid photos of Hitler sell for $41,000

(CNN)Candid photos of Hitler recovered from his "Fuhrer bunker" have sold in auction for $41,000.

An unidentified buyer purchased the photos, many of which show a different side of a man whose name is synonymous with evil.
In one, Hitler sits comfortably in a deck chair on the veranda of his villa in the south of Germany, reading a document.
In another, he poses next to some smiling children.
    The album was acquired by photographer in 1945. He saw a Russian soldier take it out of Eva Braun's bedroom drawer, shortly after Hitler and Eva committed suicide, leaving little doubt about its authenticity.
    Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler married April 29, 1945 and committed suicide together the following day.
    She was a photographer and an assistant to Hitler's personal photographer in the years prior to her death.
    The album of photographs was auctioned Wednesday by C&T Auctioneers in Royal Tunbridge Wells in the UK.