Quit tweeting your travel ban anger to @hawaii

Federal judge halts Trump's new travel ban
Federal judge halts Trump's new travel ban


    Federal judge halts Trump's new travel ban


Federal judge halts Trump's new travel ban 02:15

(CNN)The internet can be a fickle place. For Ryan Ozawa, owner of the Twitter handle @hawaii, it turned weird on Wednesday.

At 12:52 p.m. in Hawaii, the news broke. A federal judge there had placed a temporary restraining order on President Donald Trump's proposed travel ban.
Shortly after that, the tweet onslaught began.
Ozawa just sat back and watched his Twitter mentions explode.
    "All I knew while I was at my desk my phone would buzz more than it normally did," he said.
    Ozawa sees the interactions as serving a useful purpose. Users mistakenly tweeting him likely are doing so to express strong emotions. He sits back, reads them -- and often laughs.
    "When Zac Efron or Miley Cyrus are in town (the Twitter mentions) are insane," said Ozawa.
    How did he come by the @hawaii Twitter handle? He's an original Twitter user who joined the service back in 2006. "I'm one of the nerds that wants to try new things," he said. "I just wanted to kick the tires."
    He's never been approached to sell the unique Twitter moniker, but Ozawa does not think he ever would.
    To him, it's become special.
    "I'm enjoying it and I'm grateful for it," he said. "Some state handles are controlled by visitor bureaus. A lot of people are frequently amused that it's some random dude at the end of this particular handle."