Lena Dunham debuts slimmer look

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  • Dunham, an actress, is now into yoga
  • Exercise helps her deal with mental health issues, she has said

(CNN)Lena Dunham is looking more svelte these days.

The "Girls" star appeared Wednesday night on a red carpet in New York City with a slimmer physique.
Dunham's weight loss was pretty noticeable as she donned a tank top and leggings for the opening of celebrity fitness expert Tracy Anderson's new studio.
    Dunham had just hours earlier posted photos of herself doing yoga with a caption that said "health is wealth."
    The actress talked in 2015 to espnW about training with Anderson and how she has come to enjoy exercise.
    "When it became something that actually gave me pleasure, I was shocked," Dunham said. " Also, endorphins are real. You run with someone for an hour, you feel pretty good."
    Working out has also helped her deal with painful endometriosis and mental health issues, including anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, Dunham said.
    "I value my health and my happiness," she said, "And I've realized exercise can give me both of those things."