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It’s been three days since Snoop Dogg released his music video for “Lavender,” in which a clown President Trump lookalike has a gun that shoots a flag reading “BANG” pulled on him. This morning Trump finally responded:

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen told TMZ the rapper “owes the President an apology.”

Ivanka Trump brand announces move to costume jewelry. Related, Ivanka Trump wears a lot of her costume jewelry:

Kate wrote a story Tuesday about Ivanka Trump’s brand discontinuing her fine jewelry line of pricey diamond and gold pieces, and focusing more on inexpensive costume jewelry. But to be honest, we all should have known that anyway because for the past couple of weeks, the first daughter has been wearing a lot of, wait for it, her line’s costume jewelry.

Like at her dad’s joint address to Congress, where she wore her $42 ear crawlers.

She also wore front-to-back ear jackets ($38) to the International Women’s Day luncheon at the White House last week and her gold-plated hoops ($32) to walk to Marine One in late February. They probably arrived as part of the *59 TONS* of Ivanka Trump-branded stuff that’s been shipped from China between November 8 and February 26.

‘Merica first:

To promote the “American Badass Grill” (“Kid Rock’s charcoal grill: 100% made in America, down to the very last screw”), Kid Rock shot a Chinese-made grill after it was catapulted through the air.

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