Quickly catch up on the day's news: Wednesday, March 15

(CNN)Here's what happened Wednesday while you were at work.

— House Intel chairmen say they haven't seen any evidence that President 44 wiretapped President 45.
— The Justice Department has indicted four people, including two Russian spies, in connection with a data breach of at least 500 million Yahoo! accounts.
— The Fed raised its key interest rate by a quarter point and signaled more increases are coming.
    — President Trump's new travel ban is scheduled to go into effect Thursday, but several federal judges are hearing arguments on the issue today.
    — Trump announced plans to revisit Obama-era fuel standards for the auto industry.
    — After a nude photo scandal, the Marine Corps is expected to issue new social media guidelines today.
    — The dispatcher who handled the 911 call that preceded Tamir Rice's shooting death has been suspended.
    — This river has been granted the same legal status as a person.
    — And finally, if you ever doubted the importance of the humble Oxford comma, this Maine labor dispute will set you straight.