This is Joe Biden's favorite Obama-Biden meme

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(CNN)According to Ashley Biden, who promotes her new sweatshirt line in this Moneyish story, her dad enjoys the memes expressing VP bromance for Obama, with a particular fondness for the one below.

Ivanka Trump brand kills fine jewelry line:

The first victim of Ivanka Trump's brands is her upscale jewelry line. According to Abigail Klem, president of the first daughter's company, it's discontinuing the pricey real jewelry to focus instead on cheaper "fashion" items $100 and under. The fine jewelry ranged from a few thousand dollars to $10,000 or so, including the bracelet Ivanka wore last year on "60 Minutes" that caused such a ruckus.

    "Tell a reporter":

    Spotted at the Columbia Heights bus stop: an ad from the Special Projects Desk of Gizmodo Media Group (read: what remains of Gawker) encouraging confidential leaks.
    The website for TellAReporter offers sources a chance to leak via SecureDrop, mail, encrypted email and a phone number that's on apps including Confide and Signal.
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