Worse than Wilders? Why refugees in the Netherlands fear the status quo

Updated 7:14 AM ET, Tue March 14, 2017

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands (CNN)Khalid Jone is -- in theory -- one of the lucky ones. He fled bloodshed in Sudan after his family was killed in bomb attacks, and made it to safety in the Netherlands.

"You're not looking for work, or to start a new life. You're just saying, 'I want to save myself,'" he says, remembering his desperation.
But instead Jone found himself trapped in limbo. He is one of hundreds of refugees whose requests for asylum have been rejected by Dutch authorities; unable to return home, they are also blocked from work or study.
"The biggest mistake I made in my life was to demand asylum in the Netherlands," he says.
Khalid Jone, photographed in February 2017, at the We Are Here group's Reigersbos location in Amsterdam.