President Trump learns to thread his tweets

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(CNN)President Trump threaded tweets this morning when tweeting how the media is rude and and how Obamacare is "imploding." For the uninitiated, threading is done when a user replies to his or her own tweet, making them easily viewable as a longer message online:

The Pences Dine at Tortilla Coast:

While the rest of Trumpworld frequents the BLT Prime steakhouse at the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue—Jared and Ivanka reportedly dined there Saturday evening—Pence and his wife, Karen, are fine with Tortilla Coast. After a day pushing healthcare in Kentucky, the vice president went to the Capitol Hill staple for date night. FWIW, the Tomahawk Rib Eye for Two at BLT Prime is $110; the steak fajitas at TC are $14.95.
    Vice President Pence and wife Karen exited Tortilla Coast.

    The Evolution of Some "Thanks Obama" Sidewalk Art:

    Spray painted "But seriously, thanks Obama" message popped up around Washington sidewalks when Trump took office, and this one on P St. off Dupont Circle has been through a lot.
    The top image is from a rainy day in late January (there were other chalk messages drawn around it)...
    The second was two days later when someone drew their own message on top about Obama's handling on illegal immigration...
      And the third is after someone scribbled it out.
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