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As part of an ongoing conversation with Trump voters, CNN is talking to supporters across the country about why they supported him and whether they still do.

This week, Muslim Pakistani-Americans gave us their views on the revised travel ban that rolled out this week.

Dr. Waqas Khan

Why he supports President Trump: Khan says, “I identify myself as American first. I really love this country a lot and to me Donald Trump appeared to be the most patriotic candidate that I’ve seen so far.”

Age: 37

Occupation: Doctor of internal medicine

Political leaning: Lifelong Democrat turned Republican Trump supporter

Talat Rashid

Why he supports President Trump: Rashid says Trump’s “message resonated with everything I believe, and when he is America first, this was why I stood behind him, because he wants to make sure America is strong.”

Age: 62

Occupation: Vice president at a manufacturing company

Political leaning: Lifelong Republican and Trump supporter

Saleem Sheikh

Why he likes President Trump: Sheikh says, “Mr. Trump does have some very good qualities. One particular quality that I like about him is that he’s a businessman and business people know-how to make peace. He can reach out across the aisle and negotiate a deal.”

Age: 67

Occupation: Retired engineer

Political leaning: Lifelong Republican who voted for Hillary Clinton