00:48 - Source: CNN
4-year-old girl blown away by wind
CNN  — 

Parents in Lyndhurst, Ohio, had a scare – and then a big laugh – when their 4-year-old was blown away on a windy Wednesday.

Security video caught the moment when Madison Gardner ran to open the front door of her home with a phone in one hand. When she opened the door with her other hand, the heavy winds swung open the door, and the girl went flying with it.

Brittany Gardner, Madison’s mother, told CNN affiliate WEWS she saw her “pinned against the siding and the glass door. I had to unlatch her from the handle.”

Gardner later told CNN that Madison was a little embarrassed at first, but she was laughing after seeing the surveillance video herself.

Madison’s parents posted the video on Facebook, and got a little creative, adding Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly with Me” song.

When asked if Madison is thinking of any career plans in the aeronautical field, her mom laughed and said, “No, (she’s) still looking at Disney princesses.”