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She has lived, undocumented, in the United States for 18 years. Her husband and five of her children are American citizens.

Since US Immigration and Customs Enforcement learned of her status in 2005, Francisca Lino has had to check in about twice a year with the federal agency. The anxiety leading up to every meeting triggers migraines.

Tuesday’s meeting at the ICE office in Chicago was Lino’s first check-in since President Donald Trump signed orders that dramatically expanded immigration officers’ power. He’s made it clear no one’s safe from deportation.

These three short videos captured the day’s emotional highs and lows.

The check-in

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Undocumented mom prepares for her ICE check-in
00:39 - Source: CNN

When Lino, 50, her husband Diego, their 16-year-old daughter Britzy and Britzy’s two sisters arrived at the federal building, the scene felt strange.

Before prior visits, Lino’s supporters had held news conferences and prayer circles outside its walls.

This time, the security guards shut it all down. Lino, her family and her lawyer walked in.

The joy

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Undocumented mom enters immigration office
00:13 - Source: CNN

About an hour later, Lino re-emerged, clapped her hands together, then quickened her step and ran, arms outstretched in joy.

“Thank God!” she yelled. “Thanks to all of you!!”

“Yes, she could!” a supporter howled.

“They gave me a year until I have to come back,” Lino told CNN. “So we’re going to try to fight for my visa.”

Relief lasted for five minutes.

The shock

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Mom gets sent into immigration office again
00:54 - Source: CNN

In 2005, Lino admitted during her visa application process that she’d once tried to use fake papers to get into the United States. She was detained for 28 days.

Their fate now, as a family, lie with an ICE officer who reports, indirectly, to Trump.

Less than a half-hour after they went back in, the family pushed open the federal building’s glass doors and stepped outside.

“There were changes,” Lino said, her face grim.

Immigration officers told Lino to return July 11, suitcases packed and plane ticket in hand. That’s her deportation date.

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