Quickly catch up on the day's news: Wednesday, March 8

People march down Istiklal Avenue to mark International Women's Day in Istanbul on March 8.

(CNN)Here's what happened today while you were at work.

-- It's International Women's Day, and the "Day Without a Woman" strike put some women in a bind. This girl stared down a bull. And Lady Liberty went dark because of technical reasons.
-- Obama's response to Trump's wiretapping accusation "stopped short of outright fury."
    -- FBI Director Comey warned Americans that privacy is not guaranteed...
    ... but how worried should you be about WikiLeaks' CIA hacking claims?
    -- If you thought the 30,000-strong Facebook group that shared nude images of female Marines was shut down, think again.
    -- A boy found a WWII plane with the pilot's remains in the cockpit.
    -- What does "deep state" mean and why is it a new buzzword?