Scars unite new mom, son

Story highlights

  • Everett Kerres had a new procedure to close his spina bifida lesions in utero
  • His parents hope to use a photo of mom and son to raise awareness

(CNN)Mothers and children carry deep bonds, some more obvious than others. Johnna Kerres and her son, Everett, now 5 months old, show theirs in the form of scars.

Last summer, in her 18th week of pregnancy, Kerres was shocked to learn that the fetus she was carrying had spina bifida, a neural tube defect in which the spinal column doesn't close completely.
"It was potentially devastating," said husband Adam Kerres, 29.
    The Rock Island, Illinois, couple was initially given a poor prognosis, warned that their son could be "brain dead and a vegetable" with extremely low quality of life.