Quickly catch up with what happened today

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed on CNN today:

On Obamacare repeal
-- Health and human Services Secretary Tom Price avoided making the "if you like it, you can keep it" Obama-era promise on the new GOP health bill, instead calling the Affordale Care Act replacement a "work in progress."
    -- A Republican lawmaker from Utah told CNN that low-income Americans may have to choose healthcare coverage over a new iPhone. Then, under massive backlash, he took it back.
    In other news
    -- Wikileaks released an explosive report on how the CIA hacks TVs and phones all over the world, adopting techniques that make them appear as Russian hackers.
    -- Alec Baldwin says he may give up his SNL Trump persona.
    -- Nike has a new product for Muslim women: The 'Pro Hijab.'
    -- President Trump surprised a White House tour group. And then he was photobombed by a portrait of Hillary Clinton.
    Finally, a CNN exclusive you should watch
    CNN's Arwa Damon and Brice Lainé returned to Mosul where in November they came under attack by ISIS fighters. It's a riveting read.