Proving 'Strong Is the New Pretty'

Updated 10:28 PM ET, Mon January 18, 2021
01a Strong is the new pretty Kate T Parker book RESTRICTED01a Strong is the new pretty Kate T Parker book RESTRICTED
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In Kate T. Parker's book "Strong Is the New Pretty: A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves" (Workman Publishing), girls share what makes them feel strong. "When my mom showed me this shot, it made me believe I could be as tough as I look," said Parker's daughter Ella, then 9, of the image on the cover. She was scared the night before her first triathlon when her mom took the photo. Courtesy Kate T. Parker
Olivia J., 9: "We are undefeated and plan on staying that way." Courtesy Kate T. Parker
Maddie, 7: "I never met a female firefighter before. Now, I know it's possible to be one." Courtesy Kate T. Parker
Sabrina, 6: "I love water polo, and I can lift just one eyebrow, and I speak Farsi and play tennis, and I can make people laugh by making funny faces." Courtesy Kate T. Parker
Abigail, 17: "When I am in the air, I feel like I am flying. At the end of a jump, my mind is completely clear." Courtesy Kate T. Parker
Syd, 8: "I tried to bulldoze my little brother, but my mom said no." Courtesy Kate T. Parker
Rachel, 11: "In wrestling, girls have an advantage. The guys think less of you until you are face-to-face with them!" Courtesy Kate T. Parker
Carlie, 12: "If you're strong on the inside, it means nobody can break you down." Courtesy Kate T. Parker
Kekai, 12: "I love the speed when I skate. I feel very alive and present. Feeling fluid and going fast is fun." Courtesy Kate T. Parker
Grace B., 12: "Cancer stole part of my leg but not my joy. I choose happiness. Being happy is my superpower." Courtesy Kate T. Parker