Students hold a Viking funeral for their goldfish

The students said good-bye to the goldfish in a funeral fit for warriors.

Story highlights

  • The ceremony was complete with miniature longships set ablaze
  • The event coincided with a class lesson on Viking life and traditions

(CNN)After the death of Freddy and Bubbles, two beloved class goldfish, students at an elementary school in Scotland handled their grief in epic style.

Students at Papdale Primary School in Kirkwall got the fish for Christmas -- but they didn't last long.
The creatures met their demise just as the class was learning about the Vikings. And what better way to understand course material than by putting it into practice with their own Viking funeral.
    Before the funeral students shared memories of the fallen fish.
    This was no simple flush down the toilet.
    The class built goldfish-sized longships, then shared their favorite memories of Freddy and Bubbles.
      They then placed the dismal vessels in the water and set them ablaze in a gloriously fiery flotilla to Valhalla, or Viking warrior heaven.
      In proper Viking fashion, the boat was set on fire to send the fish to Valhalla
      R.I.P Freddy and Bubbles. May Odin welcome you to Valhalla with open arms.