John Lithgow talks 'Terms of Endearment' remake

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  • John Lithgow was cast in the 1983 Oscar-winning "Terms of Endearment"
  • The actor said a remake of the original is "likely to be a disappointment"

(CNN)John Lithgow is not completely sold on the idea of remaking his hit 1983 film, "Terms of Endearment."

"I hadn't heard about it but it's happened to me before, they rebooted 'Footloose' and I rebooted 'Twilight Zone' for heaven's sake," Lithgow told CNN at an NBC press day for his upcoming show, "Trial & Error."
"It's not like they're deleting it," Lithgow added. "I'm afraid it's likely to be a disappointment, and 'Footloose' was a disappointment."
    Lee Daniels is reportedly in talks to direct an updated version of "Terms of Endearment," which starred Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger, Jack Nicholson and Jeff Daniels. The emotional film centered on the strained relationship of a mother and daughter -- ultimately, ending with the tragic death of Winger's character after a battle with breast cancer.
    Lithgow starred as Debra Winger's love interest, Sam Burns, in the hit 1983 film.
    Lithgow played Winger's love interest in the film.
    "I just saw it recently on an airplane," Lithgow said. "First time in 30 years that I'd seen it and everything about it was pitch perfect. You change any of those elements and you lose something...Oh God, [I cried] like a drain. It is the most effective tear-jerker ever made."
    "Terms of Endearment" won Academy Awards for best picture, best director, best actress for MacLaine and best supporting actor for Nicholson.
    While he thinks the film still holds, Lithgow does acknowledge the talent of artists who may be part of an eventual reboot.
    When the actor learned that Oprah Winfrey is reportedly in talks to star as MacLaine's character, Aurora Greenway, he laughed: "Oh, well, then I'll eat my words, I'm sure."