Billionaire Trump Cabinet member sports expensive slippers to speech

Wilbur Ross in 60 seconds
Wilbur Ross in 60 seconds


    Wilbur Ross in 60 seconds


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Story highlights

  • Wilbur Ross wore custom slippers to Trump's joint congressional address
  • They were made by Stubbs & Wootton

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump's newly confirmed Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross showed his team spirit during the joint address to Congress Tuesday evening.

The billionaire investor, 79, sported custom handmade Stubbs & Wootton slippers emblazoned with the Commerce Department's seal: an eagle, a ship and a lighthouse.
Stubbs & Wootton has its flagship store on Palm Beach's signature Worth Avenue, a 10-minute drive from The Beach Club, the exclusive club where Ross is a member, per his confirmation questionnaire.
    The footwear company describes its designs as "tongue-in-cheek."
    The company's mission: "Giving the slipper its due recognition as an all-purpose shoe, we are responsible for making evening slippers relevant once again." The slippers are "brilliant with a tuxedo," but also "perfect with shorts," per its website (Ross wore them with charcoal slacks, navy jacket and a red tie).
    The men's bespoke slippers start at $525, but it was not immediately clear how much Ross' slippers ultimately cost.
    They were first spotted by Huffington Post's Christina Wilkie in a tweet.