Stuffed animal sleepovers encourage kids to read

Published 4:07 AM ET, Tue February 28, 2017
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Stuffed animal sleepover programs have been conducted by libraries worldwide. A team of Japanese researchers recently found that the programs may encourage children to read. Okayama University
After children leave their stuffed animals at the library for a night, staff members and volunteers snap images of the animals exploring books and acting out scenes from popular stories. Okayama University
"Surprisingly, not only did the children show interest in the picture books, but they also began to read to their stuffed animals," Yoshihiro Okazaki of Okayama University, lead author of the Japanese study. Okayama University
Experts agree that engaging children in different ways, like using toys, helps them become better readers as adults. Okayama University
These adorable stuffed animals might help your child become a better reader. Okayama University
Sure, these photos are cute, but they also are part of a recent study aimed at encouraging kids to read. Okayama University