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How Trump won over Republican skeptics

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CPAC is one of the largest gatherings of conservatives

90% of Republicans approve of Trump's job performance, according to a CNN/ORC poll

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American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp said Wednesday it is an honor that President Donald Trump is speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, a conservative public policy conference.

“I think it’s a great honor that he’s coming,” Schlapp told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day.” “This is a big moment for CPAC and for our attendees and for the conservative movement.”

Schlapp’s organization hosts one the largest annual gatherings of conservatives. Trump will be the first sitting president to make an in-person appearance during his first term since Ronald Reagan, Schlapp said.

Trump skipped the event last year during the GOP presidential primary, a move some speculated was to avoid a potentially embarrassing showing before a conservative audience slow to embrace him. But Schlapp said conservatives are increasingly confident about Trump.

“I think he’s making quite a statement – a statement of respect – to the conservative movement, which is the heart and soul of the Republican movement,” he said.

Trump currently enjoys a 90% job performance approval rating with Republicans, according to the most recent CNN/ORC poll.

“I think so far with this selection of (Supreme Court Justice nominee) Neil Gorsuch, and this most conservative Cabinet, I think they feel really good about the way this administration is going,” Schlapp said.

Trump has not yet revealed the subject of his speech, but Schlapp said he hopes it is heartfelt.

“I hope it’s from the heart and I hope he talks to us about what he wants to do with his agenda,” he said. “(Conservatives) are really pleased to have a direct impact on policy and they want to hear practically how is this going to manifest itself over the course of the next weeks and months.”