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Kasich: World leaders unsure about Trump
01:15 - Source: CNN

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"There is a question that in a time of crisis, where will America be?" Kasich said

Kasich said it's no surprise Trump's administration has taken time to find its "sea legs."

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Sunday that world leaders at a major security conference in Munich are “just not sure” where President Donald Trump stands on key foreign policy questions.

“There is a question that in a time of crisis, where will America be?” Kasich told CNN’s Jim Sciutto on “State of the Union,” referring to what world leaders are saying.

Kasich, a two-term Republican, said Vice President Mike Pence, Defense Secretary John Mattis and others have reiterated the United States’ commitment to key alliances and organizations like NATO.

Kasich added: “It’s just critically important that all the signals coming out of the administration are very solid and very consistent with the fact that we all stand together in the Western alliance, that we all stand strong for NATO. The President’s people have all said it, but frankly, he needs to be heard in a more clear and a more passionate way.”

Kasich said it’s no surprise Trump’s administration has taken time to find its “sea legs.” But he said European nations are “begging” the United States to play a leadership role on the global stage.

“As much as the Europeans criticize the United States of America, they love us, they need us and they tell us that,” he said. “In some sense, they’re almost begging us, to say, ‘Please, stand with us, you’re the leader. No one else can fill your role.’ “

Kasich also defended the press, which Trump has attacked repeatedly in recent days, casting the media on Twitter as “the enemy of the American people.”

“While I don’t always agree with the reporting of the press, they’re vital,” Kasich said. “They’re such an important part of democracy.”