Former 'SNL' cast member Joe Piscopo has some advice for Donald Trump

Piscopo's advice for SNL viewer Trump _00000000
Piscopo's advice for SNL viewer Trump _00000000


    Joe Piscopo offers advice to President Trump on how to watch "SNL."


Joe Piscopo offers advice to President Trump on how to watch "SNL." 04:12

Story highlights

  • Piscopo lampooned President Reagan in his own "SNL" days
  • The comedian says President Trump should embrace the satire

(CNN)Former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Joe Piscopo said Saturday that Donald Trump should "calm down" about Alec Baldwin's impersonation of him.

Ahead of Saturday's show, which Baldwin is hosting, Piscopo, who famously lampooned Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, told CNN's Michael Smerconish that he thought Baldwin's impersonation of Trump was "spectacular."
"You cannot ever criticize Alec Baldwin for being funny and talented," Piscopo said. "Top of his game, Alec Baldwin is. And I think it's hysterical."
    The President, however, has made no secret of his distaste for "SNL," tweeting that the iconic NBC show was "terrible" and "not funny" and that "the Baldwin impersonation just couldn't get any worse."
    Asked if he thought Baldwin has "crossed a line," Piscopo, a Trump fan, said no.
    "I don't think so because you don't cut funny. Michael, you don't cut funny," he said, "and I'm a Trump guy."
    "I parodied Ronald Reagan, I satirized one of our great presidents," Piscopo continued. "And we laughed. And you know what they did, the Reagans? They invited me to the White House."
    The solution to Trump's ire, Piscopo said, might be simple: the President, like Sarah Palin, could just embrace the show.
    "I think, with the greatest respect to the President of the United States, he should show up at Studio 8H, just appear there," he said, referring to the famous studio at New York's Rockefeller Center where "SNL" is filmed.
    It's time, Piscopo said, for Americans to "have a sense of humor."
    "Everybody's just got to calm down, Michael," he told Smerconish. "If it's funny, you can laugh! If President Reagan could do it, anybody could do it."