These tiny diapers fit babies less than 2 pounds

Huggies recently introduced diapers for newborns who weigh less than 2 pounds, at right.

Story highlights

  • Huggies and Pampers recently released tiny diapers for babies born very early
  • The diapers need to protect sensitive skin and allow the premature babies to move

(CNN)Learning to diaper an infant can be hard for any new parent. For parents of babies born prematurely, it can be even harder to get an awkwardly large diaper on a fragile newborn.

Huggies announced this month that it developed extra-tiny diapers for premature babies -- "nano preemies" -- who weigh less than 2 pounds. Late last year, Pampers released a diaper three sizes smaller than its standard newborn diapers for babies weighing as little as 1 pound.
Only about 1.4% of US babies are born with very low birthweight, the CDC reports.
Babies born at normal birth weight are about