The daily life of Moroccan women, in black and white

Updated 5:34 AM ET, Fri February 10, 2017
Ali Chraibi CardAli Chraibi Card
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Celebrated photographer Ali Chraibi's works are an intimate portrait of his home city, displaying hidden lives.

Preferring to shoot in black and white he focuses on the daily life of women within Moroccan society, taken "in their own houses, in their own spaces."
Courtesy Ali Chraibi
The resulting photos celebrate the 'resilience' of these women, and offer a rare glimpse into a world far removed from tourist view. Courtesy Ali Chraibi
Such feat was a "challenge," Chraibi told CNN. "It was not so easy to enter their homes, and invade their intimate and very private space." Courtesy Ali Chraibi
"My photos are a tribute to these women who tend to disappear [are invisible]," he continued. Courtesy Ali Chraibi
"They stay unnoticed despite all the sacrifices made for the well being of their husbands, their children and their families." Courtesy Ali Chraibi
They are the everyday heroes," said Chraibi. "They had no life in one way and this you can see it in their eyes. In the way they move, in the way they are."
"This subject [Moroccan daily life] is very important for me," continued Chraibi. "What I really needed to say I said it with a picture."