Bill Maher spars with Trump supporter

bill maher tangles with trump supporter sot_00004630
bill maher tangles with trump supporter sot_00004630


    Bill Maher spars with Trump supporter


Bill Maher spars with Trump supporter 01:32

Story highlights

  • Comedian Bill Maher: "It's a giant con what he's done"
  • Maher made his comments on Van Jones' CNN show, "The Messy Truth"

(CNN)Bill Maher doesn't have much patience for Trump supporters these days.

During the latest episode of "The Messy Truth," a town hall series hosted by Van Jones, the acerbic comedian quickly fires back at an audience member who asks why the media and Hollywood doesn't give President Trump "some slack."
"Because of what he's done and said," snaps a furious-looking Maher, interrupting the man.
"He's been there only three weeks. Give him a break," the man persists, saying that Trump has "the toughest job on Earth."
    Maher then retorts that "the toughest job on Earth has never been done like this."
    And the HBO talk show host is just warming up.
    "It's a giant con what he's done," Maher continues.
    "He ran for the little man and then what does he do? He gets into office. The coal companies can dump sludge in the river because, you know, that's what the little man is aching for," Maher said, his voice thick with sarcasm. "Undoing Dodd-Frank ( a law that regulates Wall Street banks) because so many of the town halls in Appalachia, people were standing up and saying 'Mister Trump, please get rid of the Volcker Rule!'"
    When it comes to Trump, Maher insists, "it's beyond politics. It's about sanity. It's about somebody who makes stuff up, who doesn't read. His information is either anecdotal or pulled right out of his ... behind."
    Maher accuses Trump of inventing facts to fit his purposes, as when he claimed 3 million people voted illegally in November's presidential election.
    "That should bother you, sir," Maher, adds, addressing the audience member. "I'm not the crazy one here."
    "The Messy Truth" with Van Jones airs Thursday at 9 pm ET.