Charlize Theron on 'Girlboss' and being 'inspired' by younger actresses

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  • Charlize Theron feels inspired by younger Hollywood actresses
  • Theron spoke at a Netflix panel on Wednesday

(CNN)Charlize Theron is "inspired" that more Hollywood actresses are demanding stronger on-screen roles for women.

"I'm really inspired by this younger generation," Theron said Wednesday during a panel discussion for her upcoming Netflix series, "Girlboss." "When I started in this industry, a lot of us young actresses at that time were [cast as] the girlfriend or the wife or the trophy wife...I felt like I had to create wine out of water."
Theron made her film debut in the 1995 movie, "Children of the Corn III." She went on to star in more than 40 movies. Her Academy Award winning performance in the 2003 film, "Monster," solidified Theron as one of Hollywood's top female stars.
    "We are all kind of at the mercy of the opportunities that are handed to us," Theron said. "It wasn't until good opportunities were given to me that I was kind of ready for them, but I feel like this generation is changing that."
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    As an executive producer on "Girlboss," Theron worked to bring the story of a strong woman to screen, along with a great role for its young lead, Britt Robertson. The show is based on the 2014 memoir written by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of women's clothing line, Nasty Gal.
    "There's storytelling available to us right now, where women really are at the center of it," Theron said. "That, to me, is incredibly exciting."
    "Girlboss" premieres on Netflix April 21.