DeVos makes 5, but Trump still way behind on Cabinet nods

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  • President Trump's Cabinet confirmations trail Obama and Bush
  • Only five Cabinet members confirmed so far

(CNN)With Betsy DeVos confirmed, President Donald Trump's Cabinet is now five down and 10 to go.

By contrast, President George W. Bush at this point of his first term had his entire Cabinet seated. President Barack Obama had all but three nominees in place by now. In fact, on Inauguration Day, Obama had six Cabinet nominees confirmed while Bush had eight.
So the new President is trailing considerably when it comes to getting his Cabinet choices through the Senate.
    There are several reasons for this, ranging from the slowness of certain Trump nominees to submit background-check and conflict-of-interest paperwork, to controversial choices like DeVos, who garnered fierce opposition and required the first tie-break vote for a Cabinet nominee in US history.
    Senate Republicans are determined to push through Trump's entire slate of choices, and a procedural vote Tuesday started the process required to break any filibuster on attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions.
    One thing is clear: No president this century has reached this point in February with so few of his Cabinet members installed at their departments.