Yazidi toddler waits without his parents for surgery

Updated 5:20 PM ET, Mon February 13, 2017
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Dilbireen Muhsin, a 2-year-old boy from Iraq's Yazidi community, was born in a refugee camp January 4, 2015. Courtesy Adlay Kejjan
Dilbireen, a cheerful child, has a love of animals. Courtesy Adlay Kejjan
Around his first birthday, Dilbireen was burned in a fire. He flew to the US for reconstructive surgery on his face in October. Courtesy Adlay Kejjan
Since his first surgery, Dilbireen has been cared for by a Yazidi advocate, Adlay Kejjan, in Michigan. Courtesy Adlay Kejjan
As Dilbireen waits for his second round of surgeries, his parents, who are still in Iraq, have finally been issued visas so they can come to the US to be with their son. Courtesy Adlay Kejjan
Dilbireen celebrated his 2nd birthday in the US last month. In a message to the boy, father Ajeel Muhsin said, "I am hopeful that we will come soon. Finish all your operations. After that, we will return to Iraq. We love you. Kisses." Courtesy Adlay Kejjan
Dilbireen has grown into an independent toddler who brushes his own teeth. Courtesy Adlay Kejjan
Kejjan said said she prayed that Dilbireen's parents would get the travel visas they needed to by their son's side. Courtesy Adlay Kejjan
Dilbireen has started to notice that "he is different," Kejjan said. Courtesy Adlay Kejjan
"When he plays with kids, he like touches their eyes and nose. He realizes there's something different about him, and it's really, really sad, because these kids, they run away. ... They're always scared of him," Kejjan said. Courtesy Adlay Kejjan
Kejjan, who works as a pilot, has shown a curious Dilbireen how airplanes are operated. Courtesy Adlay Kejjan
Kejjan, who also works as a paramedic, has shown Dilbireen some of her medical equipment. Courtesy Adlay Kejjan