The calendar goes from Inauguration Day 2017 to Inauguration Day 2021.
CNN  — 

For those already looking forward to the end of Donald Trump’s presidency, there is a calendar to count down the days until the 2021 inauguration. All 1,461 of them.

The Out-of-Office calendar, as co-founders Jason Bacher and Brian Buirge have called it, comes with all the bells and whistles: indications of voter registration dates, acknowledgment of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s birthday and playful jabs about small hands.

What it doesn’t have is a release date. But one is not far away. The calendar is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign, and the creators are halfway to their goal.

The idea came to Bacher and Buirge while brainstorming comedic products they could tie to the election. There was a clear winner.

“We wondered what a countdown calendar would look like,” Buirge said. Once the calculations were complete and the two realized how many days needed to be accounted for, they realized “that’s pretty ridiculous, because it is huge.”

So huge, in fact, that for a while, they couldn’t find someone willing to print it. At four times the size of a typical office calendar, theirs broke the mold.

The Out-of-Office calendar isn’t alone. Indiegogo has a similar fundraising campaign to finance a 2021 inauguration countdown called Tear Away Trump. The proceeds of Tear Away Trump will be donated to the ACLU.