Everyday Astronaut brings science to life

Updated 12:19 PM ET, Wed February 1, 2017
Everyday Astronaut - Make Space Great Again (wide)Everyday Astronaut - Make Space Great Again (wide)
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The Everyday Astronaut of Instagram fame is spreading awareness for scientists to march on Washington, as seen in this widely shared image from last week. "I fear the idea of censorship of the scientific community," Tim Dodd said. Tim Dodd/Everyday Astronaut
"I will 100% be going to Washington DC to march" for science, Dodd said. The date for the march is April 22. Tim Dodd/Everyday Astronaut
Dodd works to bring "space down to Earth for everyday people," as part of an Instagram project he started in 2014. Tim Dodd/Everyday Astronaut
"I typically will hide facts and Easter eggs about something current in space or science," Dodd said. He created this image after Space X announced its plan to send people to Mars. Tim Dodd/Everyday Astronaut
This image was born of Dodd's mourning for the shuttle program. "I felt a little lost and sad about (the end of) the manned space program" in July 2011. Tim Dodd/Everyday Astronaut
Dodd creates digital works of art, sometimes layering multiple photos to take people to far-off places. Tim Dodd/Everyday Astronaut
He says he always knew he wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up. Instead he grew up to be the "Everyday Astronaut." Tim Dodd/Everyday Astronaut
The Everyday Astronaut visited Myanmar in 2015, where he had the chance to teach children about space for two weeks. Tim Dodd/Everyday Astronaut
The project started with a joke. In 2013, he purchased a "Russian high altitude flight suit" online. The following year, he started using the suit to create images to teach people about science via the Instagram account. Tim Dodd/Everyday Astronaut
"I try to tap into peoples' curiosity and get their gears turning. It's scientific communication through humor and imagination," Dodd said. Tim Dodd/Everyday Astronaut