This man in a space suit has a message for Earthlings

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Tim Dodd poses in a space suit to teach people about science, space

Everyday Astronaut began as a passion project on Instagram in 2014

CNN  — 

A man in an orange space suit is on a mission: Get Americans to march for science.

Tim Dodd, who calls himself Everyday Astronaut, is using his photographs to educate the world about science – particularly in this political climate.

Like many others in the scientific community, he’s rallying for a scientist march on Washington.

“I think at this point most of it is to raise awareness of the movement,” Dodd told CNN. “As a space flight enthusiast and as someone who operates as close to the scientific method as possible and values scientific literacy, I fear the idea of censorship of the scientific community.”

The date for the March for Science was announced Wednesday for April 22.

Dodd told CNN he will “100% be going to Washington DC” to march.

“It’s important for people to remember that science is not political. Science is science. Science follows evidence and the scientific method,” he said. “Anything that hinders scientific endeavors could be the biggest fault of a civilization.”

The story behind the suit

This isn’t the first time Dodd has posted a fantasy-like photo of him in his orange flight suit.

“It all started as a joke but it took over my life,” Dodd said.

Back in 2013, he was the sole bidder on a “Russian High Altitude flight suit.” After it arrived on his doorstep, the professional photographer started dressing up and tinkering with different images.

He launched his hit Instagram account Everyday Astronaut in 2014. Dodd started coming up with messages behind each image with the goal of teaching people something about science each time.

“I typically will hide facts and Easter eggs about something current in space or science and it’s become a vessel of communication,” he said of the passion project.

While the suit has traveled to 9 different countries, not all of Dodd’s images were taken where you think they were.

Dodd, who lives near Cedar Falls, Iowa, travels to his computer and creates digital works of art using multiple images.

He’s even live-streamed his Photoshop process, for the sake of transparency and science.

“It’s part of the art, the communication process. It’s creating digital art for me.”