Trump's travel ban supporters call in
Trump's travel ban supporters call in


    Trump's travel ban supporters call in


Trump's travel ban supporters call in 01:26

20,000 people called us about Trump's travel ban. Listen to their voices.

Updated 7:18 PM ET, Tue January 31, 2017

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(CNN)On Saturday afternoon, as President Donald Trump's travel ban went into effect, we asked people to call us and leave a message if they had been impacted by the new restrictions. We got more than 20,000 voicemails.

We heard from people who had been directly impacted: families torn apart, travelers who couldn't visit their dying parents, and legal residents who were stuck in cities on different continents after business trips.
We also heard from the other side: those who are in favor of President Trump's ban. Many of them spoke about their excitement that the president was following through on his campaign promises, about how they felt safer, and how they thought refugees and immigrants should be vetted and enter this country legally.
A few facts to add some important context, here: No refugee from countries included in this travel ban has killed anyone in terrorist attacks on American soil.
    Additionally, refugees already undergo a long and rigorous vetting process by the US government and the United Nations. The process takes an average of 18-24 months.
    One more point: the travel ban applies to people who followed existing rules, and are legally attempting to enter the United States—this includes students, legal workers, business travelers, tourists and more.
    Listen to their voices:

    Voices in support of the travel ban

    • "We need to look at our country first right now... a country without borders is no longer a country."
    • "I am a refugee from Latvia, I immigrated a long time ago... I went through the right way to be selected, get my documents, and I wish everybody will do the same."
    • "I feel so much safer on an airplane now, I feel so much safer walking around the United States of America."
    • "Me and my whole family support him, and we are Hispanic and Mexican and Native American and we support Donald Trump."
    • "I really like what Trump's doing. You look at the rape crisis in Europe, I don't want that for America."
    • "We love refugees but we want only those coming here who love us and want to assimilate into our culture and way of life."
    • "My background is not Muslim, but it's Cuban... I am glad that Donald Trump is doing what he's doing."
    • "I am a legal immigrant ... I support Trump with the decision he's made."
    • "As a legal immigrant, you despise anybody who come here, crossing the border and breaking the law immediately."
    • "I am a Syrian Christian, and we happen to be people that might actually benefit from what Donald Trump is doing."
    • "I am very excited to see a candidate that is following through with his word and that is putting America first."
    • "I am very happy that Trump has issued this ban, I wish it was for longer"

    Voices of people impacted by the travel ban

    • "They do not get to visit me often ... now because of this ban they will not get to come and visit me."
    • "This is so, so painful. I am now in between either seeing my mom or staying with my daughter."
    • "I was working as a contractor for US army overseas. I served with the US army for 5 years. I came here to have my peace and live my free life."
    • "It will tear our family apart"
    • "We've worked hard in this country.... we have impacted so many lives here and this is certainly not fair for my family and for my brother."
    • "I want to go back to see my family... I can't go there to see them ... this policy ruins everything for me."
    • "If this ban continues, my sister cannot ever come back to the US again."
    • "My nieces and nephews are held at Washington Dulles Airport... this is inhumane, this is not the United States that we knew."
    • "My partner is Iranian, and we have been planning our wedding for two years ... now we don't quite know what to do."
    • "My mom comes and visits me every few months, she's a green card holder, she's worried about coming here now"
    • "I'm afraid that even if my dad... even if he died, I wouldn't be able to go and say goodbye to him, that's my biggest fear."
    • "My mother and father who were planning on coming here... and seeing their grandchild for the first time, they're not able to travel here, so it's pretty devastating"
    Tears and uncertainty after travel ban
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      Tears and uncertainty after travel ban


    Tears and uncertainty after travel ban 01:51